Energy Efficient Window Treatments


Tools Required

  • External Blinds
  • Sun Control Film
  • Shade Sails
  • Close Fitting Blinds
  • Rechargeable Drill

In our segment on window treatments we look at ways to control heat gain and loss through windows. We use sun control film on the upper
windows. Also close fitting insulated blinds Block out blinds on the western face of the upper floor. We also use removable shade sails so we can put them up in summer and remove them in winter when we want the sun to warm the area. This is part of our orientation program for the house.

Energy Efficient Window Treatments


Without adequate protection, windows will let in unwanted summer heat and also cool the house down in winter.

cools glass

One of the biggest factors in this is air convection. In winter cold air outside contacts the glass and cools it.

warms glass

In summer the reverse happens, heat outside will cause air passing over the glass to heat up the inside.

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