Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure


Good low flow shower heads can save you water and also reduce hot water bills saving you money all year round. There is quite a difference between the designs we test. We road test low flow shower heads to find out which one gives the best flow and is the most economical to operate.

Best Shower Heads for Low Water Pressure

shower heads

As part of our energy smart retrofit we want to save water, so we are going to road test these shower heads, everybody has heard of low flow shower heads, we want to see how these ones perform.

unrated shower head

This is an unrated old fashioned style shower head it is using up a lot of water you can see it’s almost up to the 9 Lt mark already, not a very clever design.

4 ltr rated shower head

This is a 4.5ltr rated and it’s looking like that.

super low flow shower head

Then we get the super low flow 4.5ltr…

9 ltr shower head

and that is a 9ltr per minute.

worse 9 ltr shower head

So is that one the difference in the patterns is incredible. This one is going to need a lot more pressure to work effectively.

shower heads (2)

So it’s worth while doing that, having a look at shower heads. Go to a place where you can see them demonstrated to decide which one you should have.

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