Save Water with a Faucet Aerator

remove faucet

Now well that’s far too much water. We tested this one at about 36 Lt a minute. Now this spout we can’t fit a saver too so we’re going to change the whole spout.

apply ring tape

Before you undertake any plumbing make sure you have everything you need to finish the job. The old outlet had no aerator and was really the wrong size for the trough. So when we turn the tap on we wasted a significant amount of water.

replace faucet

The new outlet has a built in aerator so the flow will be reduced and we will save lots of water. It’s worth checking every tap in the house and where possible use aerators or pressure reduction washers to reduce the flow rate. Apart from saving water you will also save lots of money.

low flow laundry basin

There we go that’s much better. This spout is rated 8 Lt a minute, that is a saving of about 75%, it’s worth doing.

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