How to Build a Room Divider Wall

The trouble with a lot of places these days, the entrance area isn’t clearly defined so we’re gonna fix that here by building a stud wall room divider right here.  And we’re gonna do it with plasterboard and steel framework.

Measure Lengths

We start by measuring and cutting the mdf trim.  It will provide a neat finish at the top and sides of our room divider.

Set Square Mark

Ok, while Dean is cutting that I’m gonna mark this square.  It’s very important to get it straight but probably more important, when you’re handling any metal material that’s like gauge it gets very sharp so wear your safety goggles or glasses. Preferably the non fogging kind and gloves. Very Important to stop you cutting your hands. Then measure and mark the wall and floor channels that will hold the metal stud frame in place.


Cut with Aviation Snips

It cuts easily with a pair of aviation snips.

Drill into Wall

We use a piece of MDF framing as a packer to match the level of the wall with the skirting board. We drill and fix the side panel into position using wall plugs and screws.


Check Square

I then check that the frame is square to the wall


Drill into Floor

and fix the floor channel into position.

Spread out Verticals

The stud framing then clips neatly into the upper and lower channels.


Drill on Top

We then drill and screw the corners of the frame to hold it in position until we fix the plasterboard.


Add Brackets for Support

For additional strength and to add stability, we add a steel bracket to the end of the frame.


Brackets on All Verticals

We then check the spacing of the frames and add a second bracket to the next upright.

Cutout Holes

Then measure and cut the 300mm square openings in a geometric pattern over the plasterboard for both sides of the room divider.


Pop Out Holes

You’ve gotta cut right through, but if you do you get a nice clean cut and that’s what we want so we can just slip the cubes in and not have to put too much fill in.


Align other Sheet

Once we have cut the 6 openings, we slide the cut piece of plasterboard over the remaining sheet to use it as a template.


Trace Holes

It’s important that the cut outs are in exactly the same position.

Dollop Plaster

Once that’s done, we apply walnut sized dobs of plasterboard adhesive to the steel stud framing


Completely Cover

on the front and back of our room divider.


Align Other Board

We then place the plasterboard in position so the opening cutouts match.


Leave on Scrap Plaster

We’ve used scraps of plasterboard to allow an expansion gap at the bottom of the wall.

Drill Wood End

We screw the trim and the plasterboard in position

Paint Wall

and once it’s dry Dean begins painting the wall.


Paint Boxes

And I apply a quick coat of spray to add colour to the MDF framing. You can vary the size and number of cutouts according to your design.


Skirting and Masking Tape

Once the paints dry, I remove the masking tape which protects the edge of our room divider.  Dean adds the skirting to the base…


Place in Boxes

and we can slip our MDF cubes into position.

Well, our stud wall room divider provides a clear zone for the entrance of the house and provides privacy for the rest of the family room.


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