How to Build a Room Divider Wall

The trouble with a lot of places these days, the entrance area isn’t clearly defined so we’re gonna fix that here by building a stud wall room divider right here.  And we’re gonna do it with plasterboard and steel framework.

Measure Lengths

We start by measuring and cutting the mdf trim.  It will provide a neat finish at the top and sides of our room divider.

Set Square Mark

Ok, while Dean is cutting that I’m gonna mark this square.  It’s very important to get it straight but probably more important, when you’re handling any metal material that’s like gauge it gets very sharp so wear your safety goggles or glasses. Preferably the non fogging kind and gloves. Very Important to stop you cutting your hands. Then measure and mark the wall and floor channels that will hold the metal stud frame in place.


Cut with Aviation Snips

It cuts easily with a pair of aviation snips.

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