Heat Activated Roof Ventilation


Tools Required

  • Roof Vent
  • Self Drilling Screws
  • Electric Drill
  • Aviation Snips
  • Safety Gear

Roof ventilation reduces unwanted heat build up as it lets the hot air vent through the roof. We add a simple heat activated vent to our roof which works by opening up automatically when the temperature reaches 27 degrees C or 80F. It is a simple automated way to keep cool and save money.

Heat Activated Roof Ventilation

hot roof

Currently our house has no ventilation in the ceiling. The vaulted ceiling in the house means the hot air in the house rises up and gets trapped there. Keeping the heat inside and making the house uncomfortable

heat activated roof vent

So we are going to install one of these, it’s a very clever heat activated vent designed to let the hot air out and invite the cooler air in.

heat activated vent closed

I’m going to try demonstrate how it works with a heat gun. In hot weather when the temperature rises, the fluid in this part of the vent heats up and expands.

heat activated vent open

This opens the butterfly and lets the hot air out inviting cooler air into the house. And when the temperature drops the fluid contracts and the butterflies close. Lets go fit it and see how it works on the job.

roof vent safety

Big Dave, he has got all the right safety gear on. Do you know how to fit one of these? Yeah, Ah thank you.

cut hole in roof

The vent is fairly simple to install but if in doubt use a qualified trades person.

hole in roof

Once the opening is cut,

drill vent on

Dave fixes the vent into place using self drilling screws. The vent will operate in hot weather, when the air heats up sufficiently it opens and vents the hot air from inside the house, out into the atmosphere.

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