Residential Wind Turbines

mount on wall

Swan’ Energy’s engineers have designed a mast and mounting system that is fixed to the fixed to the brick section to the front of the house. The fixings are set deep into the wall providing solid support and prevent any movement or vibrations in the strongest winds. The mast will position the turbine 3m above the roof to take advantage of the wind here.

attach wind turbine

The Zephyr is the first of this kind of turbine in Australia. Swan Energy expect sales to ramp up over the next 12 months as energy conscious home owners and government organizations look for new solutions in renewable energy.

connect wires

Like photovoltaic cells, electricity generated by the Zephyr is passed through an inverter and then directly into the grid.

wind turbine

Even in light winds the blades have the ability to self start to overcome start-up inertia and optimise energy production. Because the Zephyr is so compact and quiet it’s suitable for any residential area. We believe it will soon become a common sight throughout the suburbs.

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