How to Make Modular Wooden Cube Shelves

Modular cube shelves are simple to make and as versatile as your imagination.

You can then paint them any color you like or you can use a clear gloss. You can then arrange them to any shape you like for storage, bookshelves, toy boxes or a funky display for your precious possessions.

To make our modular cubes you’re gonna need 4 bits of 16 mm mdf cut to size,

8 40mm chipboard screws

8 40 mm chipboard screws,

drill bits

2 drill bits (a 3 and a 4 mm bit) and a drill to drive them.


A cordless drill with a phillips head bit in it to drive the screws and some glue. Now it’s important with your mdf to have the edges cut dead square so that it sits square. And that’s really hard to do so we actually had our hardware supplier pre-cut them and they are nice and square. The 16 mm mdf is 300 by 300 for the tops and bottoms and 300 by 268 mm for the sides.

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