How to Make a Hydroponic Garden in Solarium

7 degrees

They angle should be around 7 degrees.

We are running the pumps directly off the solar voltaic panel so they will fluctuate depending on the sunlight.

monitor pH levels

So with our hydroponics garden it’s important that we keep checking the pH. We need to monitor it to make sure it stays neutral. So we’ll just get a little bit of water in here.

Ok, so that’s come up a red colour, which we match and we need to add pH up.


Well our seedlings are in, fingers crossed we will have a crop on the table before too much time goes by.

The pumps are working really well, the solar panel is providing enough power and they’re powering away pushing the nutrients up into the plants.

garden growth

Circulation pumps are solar powered and the plants love it. In just 6 weeks we witness an amazing amount of growth.

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