How to Make a Hydroponic Garden in Solarium


Tools Required

  • Hydroponic Containers
  • Expanded Clay
  • Solar Pump & Panel
  • pH Test Kit
  • pH Adjuster
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Plants

This simple solar powered hydroponic garden really turned out to be a winner. In a little over 3 square yards I grew all the green vegetables that I could eat over summer.

The solar powered pump circulates the water during the day supplying fresh water and nutrient to the plants roots. The water comes from our rainwater tank in the solarium.

The system is inexpensive and the returns are great. We use worm juice from the worm farm. One of the best DIY projects I have been involved. Simple, effective and easy to operate.

How to Make a Hydroponic Garden in Solarium

sun room

Now a hydroponic garden is going to give us fresh vegetables all year round. Now apart from being warm in here it’s also very bright so the plants are going to love it.

We are running 2 independent systems, one for leafy green vegetables and the other for tomatoes, capsicum and chilli because they need slightly different levels of nutrient.

clay bed

Ok Dene, pour away. The expanded clay material supports the roots of the plants and allows the water and nutrients to circulate.

solar panel

That’s great Dene. The pumps that circulate the water and nutrient are powered by this 11w solar panel. It’s going to move the water around at about 100L and hour we think so all we need to do is install it.

The 11w panel should be installed facing north and obviously in a sunny position clear of any shade.

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