How to Make a Foldable Table

We show you how to build this simple DIY folding table that can be brought out for special occasions.

mark piano hinge
First thing we do, measure and mark the piano hinge. Piano hinge is just actually normal hinge although it comes in a continuous roll and it’s used on pianos. Piano hinge is available from leading hardware stores and is perfect to join the 2 leaves of our table top. Now when you cut it you better off closing it up so that it’s a thicker piece of material and use a very fine tooth blade just so that it doesn’t catch on the thin metal.

cut with hack saw
It cuts easily with a hack saw. That’s great, that’s the long piece, that’s to join the 2 leaves of the tabletop.

measure and cut
Now we are going to cut 2 small ones for the legs. At 680 I think we need it.

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