How to Install a Rainwater Tank


Tools Required

  • Rainwater Tank
  • Gutter Connection
  • Primary Filter
  • Gutter Mesh
  • Overflow Pipe

By Installing rainwater tanks we can save thousands of gallons of water per year. There are a few simple ways to make the process work more efficiently and minimise maintenance on the system. Primary filters are really important. They help to keep leaf litter out of the water. Also gutters should be cleaned well. Gutter guard is another good way to keep leaves out of the tanks.

How to Install a Rainwater Tank

rainwater tank

Rainwater harvesting is an important part of our energy smart retrofit. This is the first of 5 tanks we are going to install. This one is going to be filled from the garage roof. Lets get it into place.

clear downpipes

The downpipe is easy to access from the court yard.

clear gutters

Before fitting any rainwater harvesting system, the gutters should be thoroughly cleaned of leaves…

clean gutters

and then washed.

install gutter mesh

And installing leaf mesh will help keep them clean.

primary filter

Ok, so the tank is in position, then we recommend a primary filter like this or something similar. It filters out the smaller leaves and other things in the water before it reaches the filter in the top of the tank. Let’s go and put it on.

install primary filter

So we have cut the downpipe off, the filter just goes strait in underneath it. Let’s whack it in.

There it is. All we need now is rain. That’s right, the rain we harvest from this tank is going to feed our solarium hydroponic garden.

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