How to Build a Simple Built in Wardrobe

We are going to show you how to build a simple DIY built in wardrobe using plasterboard and a steel framing system which will look like it’s always been there.

This built in wardrobe is one of my favourite projects. It really does improve the functionality of the room. And it blends perfectly.

The great thing about using steel framing and plasterboard is that it is cheap, light, simple to cut so the whole job is fast and easy. The metal door frame is also a simple way to hang the doors. Much easier than building you own door frame.

mark studs

Using an electronic stud finder we mark the position of the top frame of the wardrobe.

mark tracks

We then mark and cut the ceiling and floor tracks which will hold the upright studs in place.

cut with aviation snips

The stud channel is simple to use. It cuts easily with aviation snips.

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