How to Build a Coffee Table out of Wood

How to make a wooden coffee table from some pine and lattice with a glass top in this DIY project. The coffee table is based around a simple frame out of pine.

The pre-made lattice is available from most hardware stores. Construction is simple, if you follow the guide video. You can vary the size to suit your room. You can also make square versions to go at either end of a sofa or couch.

The method we show you allows you to tailor the coffee table or tables to your needs. The whole thing costs a fraction of buying one from a retail outlet. And it is your own personal project.

cut lattice

Using standard lattice and a DIY buddy we cut the top and middle shelf by trimming the lattice to the size we want. Always when you are sawing something like this, let the saw do the work. Saw and gravity, you don’t have to push, let it fall and the teeth do the work. We cut the lattice to the nearest batten. The pine is actually not that hard to cut but you have to be careful, a little bit gentle on the edges, otherwise it can split so just softly, softly.

check measurement

Now what we have to do is measure so we can find out how big to cut the frame so we have got to, according to your instructions, allow a mill extra of the largest size both ways for the frame. Is that correct? Yeah well it is not precise, but you will find it varies. We then check measure the lattice so we can cut our frame. Just check the middle.

measure lengths

Once again our trusty mitre saw is the perfect way to ensure the cuts on the end of our frame rails are square.

cut lengths

We then cut 4 long and 4 short pieces for the upper and middle frames.

use last piece as guide

Another 2 of those for the bottom shelf.

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