Easy Gable End Wall Renovation

The 2 gables on the side of the house are miss matched architecturally. They are clad in different materials and they just look wrong.

missmatched gables

So to solve that problem we’re going to in fill them with some compressed sheet material and stain that up to look like cedar planks.

clean wood surface

Gotta make sure the panels are really clean like anything before you paint it.

stir paint

I’ve given the material a good stir, there’s 2 parts to this preparation to give the cedar look, this is the base coat, they both dry fairly quickly, about an hour. 1 coat of this, 2 coats of the top coat.

lay base coat

The base coat of the cedar look stain flows on really easily, it gives exceptional good coverage in 1 coat. Ok, well that’s going to take an hour to dry, then we will come back and put the first of the surface coats on.

remove panels and fill holes

We’ve removed the old compressed sheet, it’s actually in remarkably good condition. Now we’re just filling some of the cracks, then we’ll paint it and put the new cedar look sheet in. It’ll be a lot better.

paint roof

We’re using acrylic exterior low sheen, it doesn’t require priming or undercoat.

paint first layer

While the barge board is drying, I can apply the first of the 2 top coats to the hardy panel. The cedar look stain creates its own grain pattern, you don’t need any special painting skills to apply it.

apply second coat

And in just 1 hour I can apply the second top coat of stain. The finished look is amazingly like cedar.

square ends

It’s always a good idea to dock the end of each piece using a guide, just to make sure it’s dead square and it butts nicely with the next piece.

mark template

Dene has made a template of the gable angle to ensure we get the cuts right. We don’t want to waste any material.

score with knife

Marking with a score and snap knife will help ensure a clean and accurate cut.

cut with circular saw

We use a special blade in the circular saw. It’s designed to cut the hardy board with a minimum of dust. But we still use the vacuum attachment on the circular saw.

place gable in position

Well, it’s in position and we’re gonna fix it with clouts, which are small flat head nails and that’ll hold it on this front frame. The material is fairly easy to handle and working in tandem makes the job quick and easy.

pre drill holes

It’s a good idea to pre-drill this stuff otherwise it breaks and you don’t want that and the Jarrah is pretty hard too so it gives you a head start.

hammer in

The panels are fairly solid and the sea breeze isn’t helpful.

use scaffolding

I wouldn’t like to try this from a ladder.

sheets hide fixings

The fixing points are hidden by each successive sheet.

glue in last piece

I use quick grab construction adhesive to set the last piece into position.

Cedar Look Gable

Well the cedar look really does look like cedar and for our climate, much lower maintenance.


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