Easy Gable End Wall Renovation

The 2 gables on the side of the house are miss matched architecturally. They are clad in different materials and they just look wrong.

missmatched gables

So to solve that problem we’re going to in fill them with some compressed sheet material and stain that up to look like cedar planks.

clean wood surface

Gotta make sure the panels are really clean like anything before you paint it.

stir paint

I’ve given the material a good stir, there’s 2 parts to this preparation to give the cedar look, this is the base coat, they both dry fairly quickly, about an hour. 1 coat of this, 2 coats of the top coat.

lay base coat

The base coat of the cedar look stain flows on really easily, it gives exceptional good coverage in 1 coat. Ok, well that’s going to take an hour to dry, then we will come back and put the first of the surface coats on.

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