Energy Saving Tips


Energy Saving Tips


So we go through a checklist and see if we can squeeze our energy savings even further. And in doing our review we have actually discovered some very important items that have somehow slipped through the net.

solar panels

Our gas boosted solar hot water system is made a huge difference in the cost of heating water, but what are we doing with the water that is heated for free by the sun.


In our review we discovered that neither the dishwasher or the washing machine are setup correctly.

reprogram dishwasher

We have also discovered that the dishwasher is connected to the cold tap and it heats the water with an electrical element. Not very clever when we have got all the hot water heated for free by the sun. It’ll need a small amount of plumbing to fix it but it will be well worth while.

reprogram washing machine

The washing machine needs to be reprogrammed to ensure it uses the free hot water and doesn’t heat its own. These things might seem obvious but it’s worth checking to make sure your appliances are programmed and connected correctly. These small changes will save an additional $240 per year so they are defiantly worth doing.

turn appliances off

Some other things to put on the checklist are, appliances on standby, turn them off at the wall.

replace washers

Leaky taps, change the washers and don’t forget to check outside taps as well as inside.

full load

Don’t use the dishwasher or the washing machine until you have a full load. But make sure they are programmed and connected as efficiently as possible otherwise you will be wasting big dollars.

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