Energy Efficient Daily Routine


Managing your daily routine to maximize energy efficiency. In summer we keep blinds closed during the day and open windows at night to allow cooler air into the house. In winter we let warmth from the sun help heat the house during the day and close windows and blinds at night to keep the heat in.

Energy Efficient Routine

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Another very important element of making your home more efficient is how you manage it. Just like your grandparents used to do in the old days, we have developed a daily routine which varies according to season.

ambient conditions

The simple management plan ensures that we take full advantage of favorable ambient conditions and as far as possible keep out unwanted heat in summer and cold in winter. So with the routine in place the house stays more comfortable without the need for heating or cooling.

remove shade sails

At the beginning of winter, we remove the shade sails…

rolled up external blinds

and the external blinds will be rolled up.

open blinds north face

The daily routine in winter begins with opening the blinds on the north face of the house to let in as much sun as possible to provide passive warming.

close other blinds

And depending on the outside air temperature we will keep the remaining blinds closed to avoid colder outside air transferring through the glass and making the house cold.

reinstall shade sails

In summer we need to protect the house from the summer sun’s rays. So we will re-install the removable shade sails,

external blinds down

roll down the external blinds…

reinstall shade cloth

and reinstall the shade cloth on the solarium.

close windows

The daily routine in summer includes closing the windows in the morning…

blinds down

and keeping most of the blinds down. To prevent the hot outside air from entering the house.

window breeze

Windows on the southern and western side of the house should be opened to take advantage of cooling summer breeze. But these should be closed when the wind isn’t blowing.

open windows at night

At night when the air temperature drops we can open the blinds and windows to fill the house with cooler night air and in the morning they need to be closed to keep in all the cool air we have captured overnight. These simple routines will help keep your house more comfortable and save you lots of money.

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