An Empty Fridge Costs More Than a Full Fridge


One of the biggest users of electricity in the home is the refrigerator. An empty or part empty fridge is less efficient because there is more air in it. So when you open the door the cool air falls out onto the floor and is replaced by warm air from above. So the less air you have in the fridge the more air there is to re-cool after the door is closed. So if you have a large fridge with not much in it. Fill it with sealed containers or closed boxes to reduce the amount of air that falls out and needs to be re-cooled. This will reduce your running costs by up to 40%. Saving you lots of money every year.

An Empty Fridge Costs More Than a Full Fridge


The other thing that our review pointed out is that the fridge here is a larger capacity than we need for this 2 and a half bedroom household. With a tendency to buy fresh local produce more frequently throughout the week, the holding capacity of the fridge is much larger than we need.

Empty Fridge

The result is the fridge is often almost empty and an empty fridge is cost more than a full fridge, why?

air convection

Because the cold air drops out and it is replaced with warm air and the fridge then has to cool that. So if the fridge is empty there is more space for the warm air to invade and more energy needed to re-cool that warm air. So we are going to downsize the fridge to something more appropriate to the household but if you don’t wanna downsize there is something else you can do.

empty boxes in fridge

You can use empty containers to fill the air gaps but they need to have lids. You can even use sealed empty cardboard boxes, it’s better than having a fridge full of hot air.

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